Make your own travel arrangements to IMEX America and we will reimburse the cost of your travel to and from Las Vegas up to the travel reimbursement limit.*

*Important: This doesn’t apply to hosted buyers on the IMEX America individual long-haul program where IMEX do not provide flights or reimburse for travel. 

You should book your flights as soon as you’ve been accepted on to our hosted buyer program.  We do not book travel on your behalf. 

View the travel reimbursement limits

View the hosted buyer terms and commitments

Essential reimbursement information

In addition to your travel to and from Las Vegas, we will also reimburse the cost of the following (up to the travel reimbursement limit):
  • Stopovers or additional flights (e.g., for a fam trip) (if your flights to and from Las Vegas are booked on one ticket with one fare for the entire journey). Exceptions to the one ticket/one fare rule may be considered for reimbursement if they include your home airport or Las Vegas

  • Upgrades (if the flight and upgrade are booked and claimed for at the same time)

  • Flexible fares

  • Taxes and other related charges (upgrades/extra leg room) for flights booked using frequent flyer miles

  • Flights booked using credit from canceled flights, if proof of payment for the original flight is provided

  • Up to one checked-in bag
Driving to IMEX America
We will reimburse 150USD for traveling by car if you live outside a three-hour driving radius from Las Vegas. If you are are driving to Las Vegas, you will need to provide a Google Maps screenshot with the pinned location where you’ll start your journey from to Las Vegas. We do not require your petrol/gas receipts.
We will not reimburse the cost of:
  • Your travel if you do not attend IMEX/do not attend for complete days during your hosted buyer program

  • Flights canceled by the airline (for whatever reason including COVID-19 restrictions)

  • A reissued ticket due to change of travel plans or if the first ticket was booked with dates/times not honoring the hosted buyer commitment

  • Flights changed or canceled by you

  • Missed flights and any additional costs incurred

  • Travel agency fees

  • Bank charges made by your bank for receipt of the travel reimbursement

  • Travel insurance
Submitting your travel reimbursement claim
  • Reimbursements. You should do this as soon as you book your flights and by September 15 2023 so we can arrange your transfers. We cannot guarantee your airport transfer if you submit your claim after this date.

    No travel reimbursement claims can be submitted after  November 6 2023.

      You will need:
    • Your complete travel itinerary (including any additional fam trip flights) showing your name, travel into and out of Las Vegas including flight numbers, departure and arrival times, and the name of the airline (if your intermediary books your flights they’ll send us this information)

    • The invoice showing the full cost of your travel (from the airline or travel agency - if you work for a travel agency you must provide a copy of the airline invoice rather than your own travel agency’s invoice)

    • Your account payee name and your email address. You’ll receive a WISE email with a payment link after you’ve attended the show. You will not need to share your bank details with us

    • Or if your bank is in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bahamas, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Brazil, Cayman Islands, Chile, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Ghana, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Moldova, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan, Panama, Peru, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Qatar, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Uganda, Ukraine you will need the following bank details: SWIFT/BIC code, IBAN/account number, and beneficiary account name/address (and possibly additional information such as Transit code/BSB code, CLABE depending where your bank is located). Your travel reimbursement will be made by bank transfer

    • Note that the currencies given on the travel reimbursement limit table may have changed to meet WISE’s 2023 requirements. Check the travel reimbursement limit for the currency we send your reimbursement, but note that it will be paid into your account in the currency of your account.
We aim to reimburse you within three weeks of the show once we have confirmed that you attended the show for your complete program dates. Make sure your badge is scanned every day you attend the show (so we can check your attendance before we release payment). You can view the status of your travel reimbursement claim in your IMEX account.

If we asked you to enter your account payee name and email address, you’ll receive an email from WISE ( - check your junk/spam mailbox if you don’t appear to have received this. The email will be sent on November 6 2023 and the secure payment link will be valid for seven days. Once completed the payment will be in your account within 24 hours.

If we asked you for your bank details, payment will be made via bank transfer.

Payment will be made in either GBP, EUR or USD. If you paid for your travel in GBP, EUR or USD we will usually reimburse you in the same currency. Any currency conversion will use the time-of-booking exchange rate.
1. Can I book flights that come in earlier or leave after the show so I can combine a vacation or business trip?

Absolutely, if we can see your arrival details into Las Vegas and departure details from Las Vegas we will reimburse you up to the banding limit from your home airport.

2. I am going on a fam trip and my group intermediary is booking part of my travel. What do I do?

Please submit your reimbursement as normal and add a note advising which part of the travel your group intermediary is booking. If they are booking your flight into Vegas or out of Vegas, they will need to send us the flight details.

3. I am going on a fam trip before or after the show and will be booking all the flights myself – will I still be reimbursed for all my travel?

We will reimburse you up to the maximum banding limit of your home airport, despite you doing a pre or post fam trip.

4. I am not flying from/back to my home city. Can I still be reimbursed for these flights?

Yes, as long as your flights are booked to attend the show dates, we will reimburse your flights up to the banding of your home airport.

5. I will be flying from my home airport to another airport, staying for 2 days and then continuing to Las Vegas and then flying home after the show. What sectors of my journey can I claim for?

As long as your flight forms part of a round trip from your home to Las Vegas, you can include stopovers in your reimbursement.

If you fly, for example:

NYC to Dallas
Dallas to Phoenix
Phoenix to Las Vegas

The following leg: (Dallas to Phoenix) cannot be claimed but the rest can be.
Contact us before booking if:
  • You cannot find a fare within the travel reimbursement limit

  • The airport you’re flying from is not listed on our travel reimbursement limit table

  • You cannot find flights that allow you to attend complete days during your hosted buyer program
  • Contact us by email:
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