People and planet pledge

Make your pledge for people and planet

We’re on a mission to support both people and planet by telling stories and seeking action. Whether you’re a booth coordinator or a buyer, we’re asking you to make a pledge to champion social impact and environmental responsibility at IMEX America.

By each committing to four simple actions, together we can create a show that’s both inclusive and conscious of our impact on the planet.
We’ll highlight participating booths with a green booth number and in a listing at IMEX | EIC People & Planet Theater, supported by Destination Canada (if you make your pledge by September 25).
Everyone supporting the pledge can collect a ribbon at the Info Zone or Inspiration Hub to emphasize their participation.


People and planet pledge for all

Choose four (or more) of the following:
  • Read and support the IMEX code of conduct

  • Visit the IMEX | EIC People & Planet Theater, supported by Destination Canada

  • Attend a diversity, equity and inclusion, or sustainability education session

  • Bring a pronoun badge to wear at the show

  • Travel responsibly by carbon offsetting your travel, using public transportation, or walking to and from the show

  • Download the TraffickCam App (to help combat human trafficking)

  • Choose sustainable food options (look out for regional, organic, waterwise, vegetarian and plant-based options on our menus)

  • Talk to prospective partners about their sustainability options during your meetings

  • Perform a random act of kindness (buy someone a coffee in the coffee line, help with directions or donate to local Las Vegas charities: Spread the Word Nevada, The Shade Tree or Opportunity Village)

  • Place your unwanted items in the donation bins and recycle your show badge when you leave

  • Make your individual pledge by: TBC

People and planet pledge for exhibitors

Here are some actions for booth coordinators. 

Commit to four (or more) of the following:

  • Talk to your booth constructor about using sustainable materials and what they can do to reduce waste

  • Order sustainable catering (regional, organic, waterwise, vegetarian, plant-based)

  • Reduce or remove all single-use plastics and paper, including brochures 

  • Only offer sustainable gifts or giveaways

  • Read, follow and share the IMEX code of conduct with your booth partners and team members

  • Support the use of pronoun badges for your team

  • Encourage your team to download the TraffickCam App (to help combat human trafficking)

  • Travel responsibly by carbon offsetting your team’s travel to the show

  • Make your exhibitor pledge by: TBC

With special thanks to MeetGreen®
A heartfelt thank you to our sustainability consultants MeetGreen for supporting us on our sustainability journey. Contact Eric Wallinger to find out how MeetGreen can help you.
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