Attending IMEX for
the first time

Top tips when attending IMEX for the first time

We know it can feel daunting to attend a large trade show for the first time.  

We've put together some top tips and recommendations to ensure you have an amazing show experience—covering everything from pre-show webinars to what to wear and where to eat. 


Where to start

1. Get started: Create your IMEX account and register for the show 

You can register your interest here until registration opens.

Sign up for an 'Attending IMEX for the first time' webinar - check back nearer the show. You can meet other first-time attendees, chat to us and ask any questions. Update your LinkedIn profile and contact details beforehand.

2. Know what you want from IMEX 

Set some targets for yourself and know why you’re going. Perhaps you want to find new suppliers or destinations, learn about the latest event tech and trends, or grow your contact book? 

Once you know why you’re going, you can put together your elevator pitch. This should cover: 

  • Who: introduce yourself
  • Where: explain your company and what it does
  • What: describe what you can offer as a solution
If you're a buyer, you're going to do business. Our Exhibitor Directory goes live at the end of August. It's easy to search, highly visual and there to help you squeeze maximum value from your #IMEXperience.

3. Book your travel and hotel accommodations

Find out about traveling and staying in Las Vegas.


Planning your time at the show

4. Book your meetings 
If you are attending as a buyer, prioritize meetings that could expand your network and further your business. We recommend six to eight meetings per day.  

Prepare for your meeting and let the exhibitors know your intentions beforehand so the meeting can focus on your requirements. Learn more about meetings.

5. Attend education and events

We have over 150 free education sessions. Pick some sessions and add them to your schedule. You can view the education program from the end of August. Find out what's on.
IMEX recommends:

  • The power of opportunities: seizing your moment - Precious L. Williams
  • Wellness experience mental workout: travel stress reduction - Holly Duckworth, Eric Szymanski
  • Thrive under economic pressure: What you need to know - Jason Dunn and Mike Dominguez

6. Give yourself some free time 

We suggest you keep some time free for unexpected meetings. There are also plenty of quiet spaces to recharge, have a coffee and catch up on emails while you’re at the show. Check out the Well-being Wheel for relaxation and restoration.

Network like a pro

7. Use your IMEX account

With your IMEX account, everything is in one place. If you're attending as a buyer, you can schedule meetings with exhibitors, see a full attendee list, plan education and activities to attend, and message other attendees. 

8. Embrace the social side

Embrace the social scene at IMEX.

There are lots of exhibitor events on the show floor, plus many other networking activities to take part in—from the IMEXrun in the morning, to MPI Foundation Rendezvous in the evening.

Why not sign up to one our tours, its a great way to meet new people.

Getting the most out of IMEX

9. At the show

Use of the floorplan—available on our app and in the Navigation Guide at the show. If you're a buyer, we suggest you book meetings close together, so you’re not walking from one end of the hall to the other. Top tip: wear comfortable shoes.

Add the first timers tour to your schedule. On this 30-minute tour, you’ll meet other first timers and we'll be there to show you around. Times will be shown here nearer the show. 

We are there to help you at the show. Find us at the information desks and on the show floor.

Plan well, have fun and be open to meeting new people. If you have any questions before you arrive check our FAQs or contact us

  10. The Z: Tips and tricks for first time IMEX America attendees by Taylor Smith, Meetings Today
  Gen Z journalist Taylor Smith, has shared first hand insights into attending IMEX America. Read all about it here.

Some top tips from our team

Check out our team’s top 10 things to do in Las Vegas.

"As so much of the Vegas action is inside, seek out some daylight wherever you can—you can easily get from the show floor to the tranquil Mandalay Bay pool area."

Lottie Elson, Head of Marketing Operations, IMEX Group


"Try the Las Vegas monorail. The Las Vegas monorail is super cool. It avoids the traffic, saves time and runs from Mandalay Bay, stopping at the Luxor then Excalibur—about a seven minute trip. There are also other routes from other casinos along the Strip."

Gillian Heath, Event Marketing Manager, IMEX Group


"I love exploring the Strip but if you have time go to Downtown Las Vegas. From a container park with a treehouse to great bars and restaurants, it's an experience unlike any other!"

Suzanne Mulligan, Head of Engagement, IMEX Group

Any questions? Check our FAQs page or contact us: 

Call: +44 (0) 1273 227311
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