The role of an IMEX intermediary is vital in ensuring qualified hosted buyers attend IMEX. Nobody knows your clients like you do, so we rely on you to pre-qualify your hosted buyer group. You’ll be assigned a dedicated IMEX Relationship Manager to guide you every step of the way.
Intermediary timeline and key dates

Download our intermediary timeline, which covers: 

- Key actions for intermediaries
- Dates and deadlines
- Hints and tips for managing your hosted buyer groups

About your responsibilities and options

  • Invite your clients to the show, targeting those who research, organize, influence or make budgetary decisions for international events (outside their home country or US state)

  • Ensure your clients complete their registration, and check them before submitting them to us for final approval

  • Manage your hosted buyer group(s) through your IMEX account, ensuring your hosted buyers are aware of all program arrangements and dates, and their commitment to stay at the show during opening hours and their commitment to schedule meetings. You can read more about this in our hosted buyer terms and conditions

  • Nominate a group leader to look after your hosted buyers, escort them to their group appointments, and be our key contact during the show

  • Once group appointments are confirmed, contact the exhibitors to ensure their presentations meet your hosted buyers’ expectations

  • Tell us straight away if any hosted buyers cancel

  • Ensure any replacement hosted buyers complete a new registration (even if they work for the same company or hold the same position as the hosted buyer who is canceling)

  • Contact your hosted buyers 48 hours before they’re due to leave for IMEX to avoid last-minute cancelations and no-shows

  • Ensure your buyers are upholding their meetings commitments

  • Keep your IMEX Relationship Manager updated on your progress
Key information
  • You’ll be assigned a dedicated IMEX Relationship Manager to guide you

  • Follow our intermediary timeline - linked at the top of this page - so you know what you need to do and when

  • Sign in to your IMEX account for the hosted buyer group invitation code that you will need to send to your buyers. Each of your buyers will need to create their own IMEX account and enter their invitation code

  • If you’d like a colleague to help you manage your hosted buyer group(s), contact us so we can give them access to your IMEX account

  • If one of your hosted buyers need to cancel, contact your IMEX Relationship Manager
Intermediary options
  • You can reserve timeslots in your hosted buyers’ schedules (available four weeks before the show) if you need to block time for events such as breakfasts and receptions

  • If you’d like to arrange a fam (familiarization) trip for your hosted buyer group, contact us for advice
Apply to be an intermediary
Contact Sarah Lloyd:, Director of Hosted Buyer Programmes.


Your invitation email 

Include any experiences that you’re treating your clients to, such as fam trips, breakfasts, dinners or other activities. Include your program dates and tell your clients what is covered by us (flights, accommodations and airport/hotel/Mandalay Bay transfers). 

Use our sample invitation email as a guide.

Your hosted buyer invitation code

  • Sign in to your IMEX account to retrieve your hosted buyer buyer invitation code. Forward the code to your clients. They'll need to create an IMEX account and register for IMEX America if they haven't done so already
  • If you'd like to invite clients that may not meet our qualifying criteria; contact us and we'll review them with you on a case by case basis
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Any questions? Check our intermediary guides and page or contact us: 

Call: +44 (0)1273 224957
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Sarah Lloyd
Director of Hosted Buyer Programmes
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Doris Jungling-Bradshaw
Senior Relationship Executive
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Sarah Arnold
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