Hosted buyer program terms and commitments

Review our terms and commitments if you'd like to attend IMEX as a hosted buyer.



Program and attendance dates
Program dates vary per group. When you register into a hosted buyer group, you're agreeing to attend that group’s specific program dates. You should not make any changes to your program dates without discussing this with your group leader and IMEX.

Monday to Wednesday program – US/Canada hosted buyers:

Arrive Monday at leisure and leave after the show closes on Wednesday at 5:30pm.
Attend the full show days Tuesday and Wednesday.

Tuesday to Thursday program – US/Canada hosted buyers:

Arrive Tuesday by 10am and depart after the show closes on Thursday after 4:30pm. Attend the full show days Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

If you are traveling from the US East Coast or Canada and want to avoid the red eye - US/Canada hosted buyers - your options are:

a) Attend a full day of education on Monday, (Smart Monday, powered by MPI). Arrive by 11am and avoid the red-eye flight home on Thursday by taking a flight Friday morning, being hosted for four nights *

b) Arrive at leisure on Monday, hosted Monday night, and take a red-eye flight home after the show closes on Thursday (4:30 pm)

c) Arrive on Tuesday morning, attend the full show day on Thursday and avoid the red-eye and take a daytime flight home on Friday*

*Thursday night is hosted on the understanding that you return directly home during the day on Friday.

For any US/Canada hosted buyers who wish to attend Smart Monday:

We will host Monday night. This is based on you attending the full day of education and arriving by:
  • 11am - East Coast/Midwest flights

  • 10am - West Coast flights

You can request extra hosted nights in your itinerary in your IMEX account.

Monday to Thursday - non-US hosted buyers

Arrive Monday at leisure and leave after the show closes on Thursday at 4:30pm.*

It is important you understand your required attendance days at the show. The show is over three days Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. You are required to attend for all three days.

*If you cannot find a suitable flight that departs after the show closes on Thursday, contact us and we can look at hosting you on Thursday night.

Monday to Friday program - non-US hosted buyers

Arrive Monday at your leisure and leave Friday morning*

It is important you understand your required attendance days at the show. The show is over three days Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. You are required to attend for all three days.

*Thursday night is hosted on the understanding that you return directly to your home during the day on Friday. We offer this as there are no flights departing to your home country after the show closes on Thursday.
Hosted buyer qualification criteria
All hosted buyers must:

Have the potential for researching, organizing, influencing, or making budgetary decisions for international events (placed outside their home  country).

Have three confirmed or planned events due to take place in the next three years.

For US/Canada hosted buyers:
  • Two of these three events must be outside the US, one event may be in the US
For non-US/Canada hosted buyers:

  • All three events must be outside their home country and one of these events must be in the US

  • Organize at least 10 events with an average attendance of at least 100 delegates per year, or large events of 1000+ attendance, where they book venues and accommodations etc. All three events must be outside their home state.

We have a limited number of spaces for US buyers who plan domestically only

Note: If we ask you to provide details of events, we will check the details you provide with the venues concerned. If any information is incorrect, this may delay your application or lead to a declined application.

We have the final decision on all hosted buyer approvals into the program.
Commitment to attend
1. A hosted buyer is required to attend IMEX America for the full program day(s) according to their program dates. They cannot just attend the show for a morning or an afternoon, but must attend full days.

2. A hosted buyer planning to attend Smart Monday, must arrive in Las Vegas in time for the first sessions, which start at 10am, or 11am for those flying in from the East Coast. A buyer who is hosted by IMEX for the additional night to attend Smart Monday must attend the full day of education

3. As a hosted buyer, you have the flexibility to meet who you wish. But when you accept our invitation to be hosted, you’re making a commitment to schedule genuine business meetings with our exhibitors. We recommend a minimum of six to eight per day. These should be mainly one-to-one meetings but can include group appointments and booth presentations

4. We will only accept one hosted buyer application per person. In the event of more than one application being received, the first application will be processed

5. Cancellations – we understand that schedules can change at short notice, therefore we do not charge any cancellation fees. You can cancel your IMEX registration by signing into your IMEX Account and scrolling to the bottom of the page and click on the "Cancel my attendance at IMEX" icon. We ask that you do this at least 72 hours before the show

6. Acceptance on to the hosted buyer program is at our discretion. A hosted buyer who does not meet the qualifying criteria will be given the opportunity to attend as an attendee and may be able to take advantage of travel and hotel offers

7. We reserve the right to decline a hosted buyer’s application without necessarily providing a reason for doing so

8. We reserve the right to cancel the participation of a hosted buyer, including after the buyer’s acceptance on to the program; for example, should it become apparent that the buyer is unlikely to fulfil their obligations and commitments to the program

9. You must be at least 21 years of age and have a major credit card to cover incidentals when checking in to your hotel room. We do not allow pets (except registered assistance dogs)
Program inclusions
1. Complimentary economy-class flights from selected destinations (except for individual hosted buyers on our IMEX America long-haul program) up to the travel reimbursement limit

2. Ground transfers in Las Vegas: between airport, hotel and Mandalay Bay

3. Accommodations (room only) for your program dates. Breakfast is not included in your accommodations

4. Access to the Hosted Buyer Lounge (complimentary refreshments and Wi-Fi)

5. Expenses if traveling by car (up to the travel reimbursement limit)
Program exclusions
1. Meals

2. Any personal extras at the hotel. These should be settled directly with the hotel on your departure

3. Hotel upgrades–including early check-ins or late check-outs

4. Taxi fares if arriving/departing outside hosted buyer program dates or if IMEX America transfer available

5. Visa/visa waiver application fees

6. Travel insurance–ensure that you have comprehensive travel insurance to cover your trip to attend IMEX America

This should cover:
  • Cancellation, alteration, curtailment, rearrangement, replacement or terrorism
  • In the event of illness, personal injury or circumstances beyond your control which prevent you traveling to or from IMEX America as planned
  • Personal property and business equipment—in the event of loss, theft or damage
  • Political and natural disaster evacuation such as war, floods or volcanic eruption
  • Personal liability
  • Death or personal injury
Travel terms and conditions
When making travel arrangements, refer to the travel, hotel and reimbursement terms and conditions below.

1. A hosted buyer needs to make their own travel arrangements to IMEX America. We will reimburse the cost of their travel to and from Las Vegas up to the travel reimbursement limit

* Important: This does not apply to hosted buyers on the IMEX America individual long-haul program who we do not reimburse for travel

2. If flights cannot be found that meet the program and attendance dates above, contact your IMEX Relationship Manager. Your Relationship Manager will need to approve your flights before you book them.

3. Your flight needs to be approved by your IMEX Relationship Manager before you book them

4. Once you've booked your flights, refer to the itinerary and travel reimbursements page to find out more
Reimbursement terms and conditions
Flying to IMEX America

1. A hosted buyer claiming a reimbursement must review their itinerary and ensure the dates match their travel before submitting their travel reimbursement claim online. This will then be reviewed by us.

2. We'll reimburse the cost of a round-trip flight to and from Las Vegas, even if this includes a stopover, but not the cost of any additional flights, which do not form part of the round-trip

3. We advise booking your trip as early as possible to ensure that your flights fall within the travel reimbursement limit

4. We'll reimburse whichever is the lower—either the actual flight cost (including taxes) or the maximum reimbursement limit for your departure destination

5. If a buyer can only secure flights above the reimbursement limit, they must contact us for approval before booking

6. If the preferred departure destination is not listed in the travel reimbursement limits, contact us to agree the reimbursement amount before booking

7. Any flight changes you make must still adhere to the travel terms and conditions

8. We'll only reimburse the flight which has been used to attend IMEX America. However, if the buyer subsequently has to change the flight for any reason, we'll only pay for the cost of the original flight and will not pay any associated fees for changing or canceling the flight

9. We will not reimburse flight costs for buyers who cancel their participation

10. If a hosted buyer’s flight is delayed, canceled or missed for any reason, the next available flight to Las Vegas should be taken. The hosted buyer must inform the intermediary or us as soon as possible. We will not be responsible for any additional costs incurred

11. Baggage costs and early check-in fees: We'll reimburse baggage costs (for a maximum of one bag per person) and early check-in fees. These must be added to the travel reimbursement claim and the total cost must come within the reimbursement limit. These costs should either be shown on the invoice when submitting the travel reimbursement claim or entered in the comments box when the travel reimbursement claim is submitted

12. Upgrades: We'll reimburse additional costs such as class upgrades, seat upgrades or extra leg room only if they are claimed at the same time as the flight cost and the total cost is within the reimbursement limit

13. Flight credits: If a credit from a previous unused flight is used to pay for a flight, the proof of payment of the original flight needs to be provided when the travel reimbursement claim is submitted

14. Travel agency fees: We will not be responsible for or reimburse any travel agency fees

15. Frequent flyer miles: Flights maybe booked using loyalty card points, frequent flyer miles (or equivalent). We'll only reimburse the amount of the taxes and other related charges (class upgrades, extra leg room but not agency fees), which have been paid for and for which the monetary value is shown on the airline invoice, up to the maximum reimbursement limit for your departure destination

16. Currency: Reimbursements are made in either GBP, EUR or USD. If your travel is booked in either GBP, EUR or USD, we will in most cases provide a reimbursement in the same currency. If a currency conversion is necessary, then the exchange rate on the date of travel reimbursement claim submission will be used

17. Bank charges: We'll cover bank transfer charges from our own account. Hosted buyers may be charged by their own bank or an intermediary bank for receiving the transfer. We will not cover these bank charges. If invalid bank details are provided and the bank transfer is rejected, hosted buyers are responsible for the charges and any additional charges incurred by us

Driving to IMEX America

1. We'll reimburse US$150 for traveling by car if you live outside a three-hour driving radius from Las Vegas (including but not limited to fuel, vehicle rental, parking and insurance). This amount is the same when using an electric vehicle

2. Any vehicle rental agreement must be contracted by the hosted buyer in their own name (and not in the name of IMEX/IMEX Group/IMEX America) and will be the sole responsibility of the hosted buyer

3. The hosted buyer acknowledges that we will have no liability or other responsibility in connection with any hosted buyer vehicle travel allowance and agrees to indemnify us against any judgements, fines, claims or other losses directly or indirectly arising out of or in connection with this

4. A hosted buyer who chooses to drive to IMEX America will be responsible for their own vehicle insurance (for themselves and any additional passengers)

5. A hosted buyer must complete the travel reimbursement claim. This must be approved by us before travel to obtain the reimbursement, you will be asked to upload your route planner document

6. A hosted buyer who chooses to drive to IMEX America will need to upload a map of their route when claiming their reimbursement
Hotel terms and conditions
1. Your hotel information is available approximately eight weeks before IMEX America in your itinerary in your IMEX account. You’ll be notified by email when the details are available. It is vital you review this to check you have the correct nights booked

2. Let us know immediately if something is incorrect so we can make the necessary changes for you

3. We host you on a room-only basis at one of our partner hotels according to your program dates and travel preferences

4. Pre-payment of the hotel is made on your behalf by us. You will need to provide a credit card at check-in as a guarantee against incidentals

5. Any extras (breakfast, room service, telephone, laundry, mini bar, late check-out fees, etc.) are not included and should be settled direct with the hotel before departure. (Note a reduced resort fee that covers Wi-Fi only is covered by us)

6. Check-in and checkout times: Check-in is usually from 4pm on your day of arrival. On the morning of departure check out in good time to ensure you are on the show floor by 10am

7. Additional nights for leisure: Additional nights can be booked at your own expense at your host hotel. We'll contact you nearer the time with a link for you to amend your booking (hotel terms and conditions apply). Note that you are responsible for booking and checking any extra nights. We are not able to do this for you

8. Changes: It’s not possible to change your hotel. Your room is booked as agreed with your intermediary. Contact your intermediary for further information

9. Sharing: If you’d like to share your room with another hosted buyer, let your IMEX Relationship Manager know so they can update your records. If you’d like to share with someone not attending as a hosted buyer, we'll contact you nearer the time with a link for you to amend your booking. Note that supplements may apply
Our legal terms
Review the legal terms for IMEX America attendance.
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